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KDKA-TV 2013 Graphics Montage
Added: Jul 26 2:45 pm

Classic KDKA Pittsburgh Jingles
Added: Jul 12 7:51 am

Hilarious KDKA-TV News Close!
Added: Jul 11 9:54 am

KDKA TV Prime Theme
Added: Jul 08 4:41 pm

KDKA-TV News - 2013 Opens
Added: Jul 04 5:58 pm

KDKA TV-2 Newscast
Added: Jun 18 10:40 am

kdka tv 2 1988
Added: May 26 10:52 am

KDKA 90's
Added: Mar 11 6:55 pm

New Concussion Technology -- KDKA
Added: Mar 11 5:14 pm

KDKA Radio
Added: Mar 11 1:50 pm

Santa Takes a Pee - KDKA-TV
Added: Mar 11 10:35 am

KDKA-TV's Sendoff to Bob Kudzma
Added: Mar 11 9:45 am

KDKA-TV 2: Eyewitness News 1994
Added: Dec 21, 2013 10:32 pm

A short montage of KDKA-TV's new graphics package that debuted on December 9, 2013. Copyright 2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc./KDKA-TV Pittsburgh. All Rights Rese...
Views: 5209
24 ratings
Time: 05:30 More in Entertainment

February 10, 2014.
Views: 463
1 ratings
Time: 03:07 More in Sports

Here are some commercials that aired during Super Bowl 14 between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams. Here's the lineup: 1. Hertz rental cars 2...
Views: 551
16 ratings
Time: 30:16 More in Gaming

From a tape that I had stored until now, some coverage of the September 11 attacks from later in the day off of CBS affiliate KDKA in Pittsburgh. Most is loc...
Views: 3845
12 ratings
Time: 47:09 More in News & Politics

In the final minutes of Friday, June 12, 2009 KDKA, broadcasting on VHF Channel 2 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ceased analog NTSC television broadcasts sho...
Views: 22420
92 ratings
Time: 09:46 More in Education

News report about how the Ideal Protein protocol has impacted the reporters' (and family members) health at KDKA. Call 1 800 588 8981 for a clinic location n...
Views: 1745
8 ratings
Time: 05:16 More in Nonprofits & Activism

Yeah I know, it's from Pittsburgh, but I love classic radio jingles.
Views: 1022
5 ratings
Time: 00:54 More in Entertainment

Following a joke from Bob Pompeani in which he says that Jon Burnett "kisses his muscles after every weather forecast", Jon kisses his muscles...after the we...
Views: 1150
7 ratings
Time: 01:09 More in Entertainment

KDKA 's Best Theme They Ever Had. Its Not Exactly What They Had, But its Close Enough If You Ask Me. ENJOY! BTW, It's An Extended Theme.
From: theo21289
Views: 3680
12 ratings
Time: 02:01 More in News & Politics

The new opens for KDKA-TV News. Copyright 2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. For entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.
Views: 5209
17 ratings
Time: 01:57 More in Entertainment

Greenbriar Treatment Center is showcased on KDKA's "Pittsburgh Living" with Carol Lee Espy. Our Chief Operating Officer Holly Martin discusses holiday sobrie...
Views: 852
0 ratings
Time: 06:15 More in Nonprofits & Activism

The full hour newscast from KDKA TV 2 in Pittsburgh from July 30, 1997.
Views: 501
4 ratings
Time: 01:00:01 More in People & Blogs

"On November 2, 1920, station KDKA made the nation's first commercial broadcast... They chose that date because it was election day, and the power of radio w...
From: raycasual
Views: 10623
30 ratings
Time: 01:19 More in Science & Technology

opening and close to kdka tv-2's 11:00 news. A revised version of the tunnel with better effects.
Views: 43286
27 ratings
Time: 02:16 More in Entertainment

Here's a good sampling of Klein& work for KDKA, promos for Eyewitness News talent; John Sanders; Ray Tannehill; Wayne Van Dine, and Lynn Sawyer. Also in this...
From: eyeontv
Views: 2553
17 ratings
Time: 04:08 More in Film & Animation

If you are a long time KDKA TV viewer this will touch you its real tearjerker. This has Stacy Smith video interview with Patrice King Brown, and her very hea...
From: news89
Views: 8173
29 ratings
Time: 08:34 More in Film & Animation

The "Renaissance 2" KDKA Eyewitness News promo from 1983.
Views: 1536
5 ratings
Time: 01:01 More in Film & Animation

Pennsylvania's Youth Governor, Erik Rauterkus, speaks with KDKA Radio show host, Johnna Pro, after returning from CONA, the Conference on National Affairs. E...
Views: 238
2 ratings
Time: 22:33 More in News & Politics

Comments are welcome. Even a 1998 Noon Close.
From: news89
Views: 1802
3 ratings
Time: 03:29 More in Film & Animation

(Tuesday April 6, 1999) PNC Park ground breaking was on Wednesday April 7, 1999. This is the best PQ of KDKA in my collection of video tapes. from the late 90's.
From: news89
Views: 2493
4 ratings
Time: 03:12 More in Film & Animation

Allegheny Health Network is introducing an innovative concussion management tool to several school athletic programs in the Pittsburgh region. The C3 Logix s...
Views: 350
0 ratings
Time: 01:57 More in Science & Technology

Music "Dare The Eagle" by Nick Poling. This is a dediation to the first commercial radio station in the US, KDKA Pittsburg. When I first heard the rough guit...
Views: 3268
13 ratings
Time: 06:21 More in Entertainment

Just a couple years ago, Bill Ansell of Ross Township (a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA) had one of the best holiday light displays in the region. But it came to d...
From: Ian Smith
Views: 4915
4 ratings
Time: 02:57 More in News & Politics

KDKA-TV personality Dave Crawley and anchors Susan Barnett and Stacy Smith give a send-off to Bob Kudzma at the end of the May 31, 2002 Noon newscast.
Views: 12401
13 ratings
Time: 02:51 More in News & Politics

They changed the set and the logo right after the 1992 Winter Olympics. During the actual Olympics they had new promos featuring the news team featuring the ...
Views: 15659
18 ratings
Time: 02:17 More in Entertainment