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Norwich City’s Declan Rudd is enjoying the high life at Preston 17 Apr 2014

Declan Rudd is one Norwich City player who can focus on a promotion battle rather than a relegation skirmish, with loan club Preston riding high in League One.

Is a co-pay such a bad thing? | Declan Green 15 Apr 2014

Declan Green:  As a GP, I don't get the outrage at small co-payments for surgery visits. The current attitude towards our universal health system, painting it as a right and not a privilege, needs to change Declan Green

Answers awaited after toddler death 8 Apr 2014

Lawyers preparing for an inquiry into the death of Paisley toddler Declan Hainey are still waiting for details from health and social care staff.

Drogheda hold off Athlone fightback 4 Apr 2014

Declan O'Brien's hat-trick proved just enough to give Drogheda all three points as they survived a late fightback from rock-bottom Athlone to win 3-2 at Hunky Dorys Park.

Declan O’Brien hat-trick helps Drogheda edge Athlone 4 Apr 2014

Two late goals from the visitors set up a tense finale.

Declan Danaher excited by London Irish's next generation of players 4 Apr 2014

As he embarks on his new career as academy forwards coach, Exiles’ legendary back-row forward has been taking advice from England forwards coach Mike Catt

Siblings make late brother's legacy about education 1 Apr 2014

When his family's tragedy became a national story in 2010, Mac Sullivan tried to shut out the news reports detailing how his older brother, Declan, died while recording a football practice at the University of Notre Dame.        

Declan Resources Inc. to Purchase "6 Pack" of Athabasca Basin Properties Totalling 250,000 Acres 1 Apr 2014

Declan Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that it has agreed to purchase a 100 per cent interest in a "6 Pack" of Athabasca Basin Properties, located in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan from ...

Man jailed for killing his cousin 28 Mar 2014

A man who killed his cousin in a deliberate hit and run attack during a family feud over a garden shed is jailed for 18 months.

Helicopter victim's funeral held 23 Mar 2014

The funeral of Declan Small, one of four men killed in a helicopter crash in England earlier this month, takes place in Mayobridge, County Down.
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Crave - Liliana Hart 12 Apr 2014

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Crave - Liliana Hart -
$1 of every preorder will be donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation! When Evangeline Lockwood witnesses the murder of a prominent politician, the killers will do everything they can to make sure she can't testify. Since Evangeline's father was once Deputy Director of the CIA, he knows just who to call to protect his only daughter – MacKenzie Security. The last thing Cal Colter wants is to get stuck with a babysitting job, but Declan MacKenzie has assigned him the task and he has no choice but to accept. Cal especially doesn't know what to do with the quirky computer nerd who covers her lush body in baggy clothes and her stunning violet eyes behind glasses. But if Cal knows anything, it's women, and he's just as determined to peel back the layers of this unusual woman as he is to keep her alive. - Online Shopping

Ian Geldard: #ff Declan McCullagh @declanm Writer, programmer, pilot. Correspondent, CNET; San Francisco bay area, CA 12 Apr 2014

Ian Geldard
#ff Declan McCullagh @declanm Writer, programmer, pilot. Correspondent, CNET; San Francisco bay area, CA

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Bonus: Runner, skier, golfer, foodie, news and photo junkie, puppy enthusiast. User Actions Follow Apples & Oranges pgs ‏ @ApplesPgs Apples & Oranges Personal Grocery Shopping Service is a local business owned by husband and wife that grocery shops and delivers for people that are unable to. User Actions Follow Andrea Jenison ‏ @andiejen User Actions Follow IL Infra Council ‏ @IL_InfraCouncil Infrastructure is the game and the Infrastructure Council is our name. RT/follow/list ≠ endorse User Actions Follow Stamatis N. Astra ‏ @photOral Founder CEO PhotOral™ Illuminating Oral Wellness. A #healthtech & #Oral Care Startup —Radio Host, Greek Classics Crusader, Startup Evangelist User Actions Follow MetroBoston ‏ @MetroBOS News, sports, entertainment and everything else you need to know as reported by Boston's best free daily newspaper. User Actions Follow Cognoscenti ‏ @cogwbur Ideas and opinions presented by @wbur, Boston's @npr news station. 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Declans church.jpg Britain.Deisi.Laigin.jpg

Declán of Ardmore (Irish: Declán mac Eircc, Latin: Declanus, died 5th century), also called Déclán or Declan, was an early Irish saint of the Déisi Muman, who was remembered for having converted the Déisi in the late 5th century and for having founded the monastery of Ardmore (Ard Mór) in what is now Co. Waterford.[1] The principal source for his life and cult is a Latin Life of the 12th century. Like Ailbe of Emly, Ciarán of Saigir and Abbán of Moyarney, Declán is presented as a Munster saint who preceded Saint Patrick in bringing Christianity to Ireland. He was regarded as a patron saint of the Déisi of East Munster.[1]

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